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Conceived from the principles of their late father and a history embedded with honesty, integrity and hard work, Joseph, Chahid and Sammy Kairouz were driven to start their business venture in the construction industry. Established in 2010, Samssons Projects united three brothers with over 50 years combined experience in commercial and residential construction. They each carry an extensive range of skills to cater to the varying needs of clients.

Samssons Projects continues to operate with a focus on strong values more than a decade on from its inception. The organisation’s success and recognition in the construction industry is reinforced by the efforts of the entire team, and the versatile skills all team members bring to the table.

Samssons Father
Sammsons Brothers

Our Team

The Samssons team consists of highly expeirenced construction professionals. A high level of Director input provides assurity in the constuction services we provide, ensuring each project is run efficiently & effectively at every stage of the build.

Joseph Kairouz
Managing Director
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Chahid Kairouz
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Matthew Halkyard
Commercial Manager
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Sammy Kairouz
Director/Finishes & Quality Assurance Coordinator
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Simon Batskos Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Simon Batskos
Project Manager/Site Manager
Anthony Boustany Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Anthony Boustany
Site supervisor
Luann Cardoso Bramdao Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Luann Cardoso Bramdao
Skilled labourer
Brant Simmons Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Brant Simmons
Lead carpenter/Site supervisor
Theofilos Mouratidis Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Theofilos Mouratidis
Construction Administrator
Joe Addamo Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Joe Addamo
Bailey Talevski Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Bailey Talevski
Construction Administrator/Project Manager
Harley Venturin Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Harley Venturin
Site Supervisor
Kathy Wang Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Kathy Wang
Contract Administrator
Andreas De Avila Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Andreas De Avila
Defect co-ordinator
Alannah Minoski Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Alannah Minoski
Jnr Contract administrator
John Nassour Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
John Nassour
Contract Administrator / Site Co-ordinator
Maria Kairouz Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Maria Kairouz
OH&S /Human Resources
Alexander Minoski Thumbnail | Samssons Team Member
Alexander Minoski
Site supervisor / Logistics

Members & Associations

Samssons Projects are affiliated with & recognised by industry bodies and ethical partners to ensure the work we produce is responible & meets all quality & safety standards.

Samssons Exterior Building
Samssons Exterior Building
Samssons Exterior Building

Our Values

  • Safety - We value the hard work of our team, sub-contractors and suppliers and appreciate the complexities and impacts our work sites can have on the local community. We acknowledge our responsibility and duty of care for those in our team and around us. The safety of our people and the public takes priority in all that we do.
  • Sustainability - We hold our business to the highest of ethical and moral standards. It is our aim to produce responsible, sustainable buildings, that give back to the community, enhance the lives of occupants, and are kind to the environment. We are committed to meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations.
  • Quality - Our construction and design methods use best practices and high quality, durable materials. We affiliate ourselves with partners and organisations who have the same values, goals and attention to detail we do.
  • We believe in building networks that support our local industry connections who are reputable and offer premium grade materials, and service providers who are skilled and reliable. Where possible, we aim to source locally made materials.
  • We are committed to demonstrating honesty and strong moral principles in each activity we engage in.

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